Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's to come!

I would first off like to send out a big thank you for the smiley team ladies that stayed the course and have decided to stay on to this terrific cause.  Please email me your mailing addresses as I will be sending you out a special thank you! To all the new members,  welcome to this terrific group! Although I run the group it is truly a combination of everyone's effort. I will often be asking for your opinions and participation in how this group is run :) if you ever have any ideas about something, a sponsor to add, an idea for a challenge please speak up, everyone's opinions matter here! With that being said, here is a general idea of what's to come in the next couple months:

October - any Halloween cards can be sent to me and will be on their way to the kids by October 1st

November - thank you cards due dec 15th - please create thank you cards for all year round! fall inspired, spring inspired, summer thanks etc. since there is always a need to say thank you to someone!

December - Christmas, Hanukkah cards and nurse thank you cards are due by dec 15th. I remember seeing somewhere someone requested penguins as a holiday theme this year, so we will be going with that. 

We will also be doing a secret Santa within the team members for all who wish to participate. 

In case you didn't know, we have a Facebook page!!! So if your on Facebook check out Smiles4SickKids on there!

Remember for every 5 cards you submit you are entered to win a prize! 

More info on the above challenges will be coming shortly

Ps our new group logo is In the works! So excited!

Need to reach me? Email me at just make sure to put smiles4sickkids in the heading :)
*Please note the Decemeber due dates are now Dec 15 instead of 25th due to a member pointing out that weather is sometimes an issue at that time of year. This will give the recipients time to write in their cards before the holidays :) *

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