Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas Secret Santa Swap

We will be having a secret santa swap this year for all team members that would like to participate. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS NOVEMBER 20TH! On nov. 25th you will receive a partner's info via email. Please ship them out no later then December 10th so they get there in time.
- your address will only be given to your secret partner
- who you have will not necessarily be who gets you
- 20-25$ limit not including shipping
- please include a card saying who it is from
- please send me a picture via email before you send your swap
- try and stay in the 20 - 25$ limit as close as possible, so that someone doesnt spend 20 and gets a 5$ equivalent back
- items can be paper, stamps, embellishments, christmas ornaments etc.
- may be home made, store bought or both.
Interested? say so below so i can send you a quick (4 question) info survey needed for the swap.


  1. I'm in Faithe...I think I sent my info earlier but if not let me know...Thanks Laurie

  2. Faithe, I said yes on Facebook, but haven't heard anything further, so thought I'd better say yes this way. Deb